Rating Your Drip (really original topic)

You can post your AO file(s), drawings,even characters made in studio (related to the arcane series)

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i like mage a lot

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:sleeper: stinks

The arc sphere no clipping :sob:

it looks better in game since then it’s just particles and you can’t tell if it’s above or below the hat

And the chicken arms :sob:

I give it a 6/10

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Snow Magic Money Gang

Me losing my sanity seeing yet another shitpost:

if it makes you feel any worse i was also considering captioning my post ice wizard money gang

Here is my 6 files i suppose (can’t be bothered to show the other 3 on my alt.)

You want me to rate em one by one?

of course lol.

First one is horrible and i cant pretend it isn’t,
second one goes hard,
third one is a mess please delete it you cant fix that,
fourth one is ok just remove the bandana, fifth one goes hard,
and last but not least… give my boy a fade cut for the love of god he has the hair of an isekai protagonist

that just hurts.

how is the second one, a pretty simple one, better than the Ash warlock?

Third is my main and he’s pretty average

dang bro roasted my Magnus too hard :frcryin:

no comment on the fifth one.

Sixth one’s got that Kai drip if he was in the syndicate kinda deal.

Replace the cape with something else

what exactly though, i like him as he is.

Do what you want, im here to judge

I like Douglass change the cape to a matching colour and he’s a perfect winter boy

oh right, he has a blue cape, i just forgot to switch it lol.