Rayhan has no phone (feat. Asian parent)

Asian parents amiright
So My dad thought it was a good idea to throw my phone. 2 seconds later and my Phone has a hole in it.
I’ve had this phone for three years, and haven’t backed up in TWO YEARS
Good News: I’m getting and IPhone 13, so hooray.
Bad News: But It’s out of stock for a month.
Good News: I have an Ipad at least.
Bad News: But it’s half a decade old and is shit.
Worse News: Can’t even log into the forums on it because my IP still blocked.
Horrendous News: I’m likely to be less active. Fun. Times I can exist now are (15:00/15:40)-23:00 GMT.



Didn’t read past Suncringe xd :pensive:


Didn’t read past pfp xd

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only two years ?

hire a hitman to throw your dads phone away :troll:

I’ve encountered the problem that my IP is still blocked, so I can’t login to the forums with my Ipad, meaning I can only get onto the forums with my PC

maybe use a vpn?


seethe and cope

it just happens
for some reason it blocks forumers ips after they’re first logged in from said IP
probably to reduce alt creation

I just felt ultimate pain

So I have a natwest account and card, but I lost my card.
No bid deal, I can still use my natwest account on my phone.
Problem is I no longer have phone.
So I think to use my parent’s phone problem is, I forgot the security details.
I have it however, on the notes app… on my phone… which is gone.

bruh sell your parents organs man

According to the 8th Amendment stated in the Bill of Rights on 1791 “no cruel and unusual punishments shall be inflicted.”

After 1 month I have a new iPhone 13 because my mum is kind
Also I got the vaccine

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