Rayhan makes a Magius World Map

this took 2 hours and 30 minutes to make


used Azgaar’s Fantasy map Generator to make


Mag deez nuts in your mouth

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World of Russia


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so it will render perfectly guys… right? right??

don’t care, not reading

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The location names are a bit hard to read.


I have no idea what this says.

Anyways, I really like the attention to detail, such as how all of the rivers lead towards the ocean and they converge while not diverging.

holy shit magius is actually eurasia

Quite a nice world I can’t wait to travel and fight all the tough monsters

I have a better version here

ironically that was randomly generated


wom is a eurasia reference

Pfffffft ya used a generator instead of drawing it yourself, ya coward!

0/10 would like to bleach my eyes now.

That said, even without taking into consideration that this was randomly generated it’s pretty damn impressive.
Now take my like and bugger off : )

Trust me there was a lot of pain with:
Image conversion
Making the biomes perfect
Making the icons better
Towns and States

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So I got a new hard drive on my PC
But I didn’t save the map file.
So I have to remake the map.
Fuck my life.

:moyai: death