Ahh yes, Guild Drama. People in the WoM Forum community have believed that Guild Drama and Guild Wars is what will fuel the Guilds Update of World of Magic and onwards. Noble Phantasm are seen as elites, everyone hates Lotus Order and Exalted. Suncry are chads. Different Guilds have already made alliances and enemies. So here, I shall record every event between guilds, every alliance, every war, every agreement, all here… if someone tells me it. And I am totally not biased although I may be joining a guild soon. I shall add the events with each passing day, starting with the release of the Guild Update.

Friday 16th 2020:
Vetex posts on Discord. The post says that the update will release between the 17th and 20th. Guilds ready up for the update by training and stacking up crowns.

Saturday 17th 2020, 1 AM UTC:

The Guild Update has been released, as of writing this, Suncry is winning the infamy race and people in the Vetex Discord already hate Suncry, nice. Chaos will begin to ensue today…


Kafka is a guild known for hiding in bushes and Random Killing. Kafka’s leader was temporarily banned at this time. No infamy for 3 days right on release, a cruel one at this time.

5:30 UTC:

Kafka believes that Suncry was doing the same tactics as Kafka and were following them, possible to take down the top spot with them. Kafka kills there own players however, to gain infamy.

6:50 UTC:

Kafka Guild Master apologises. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

17:00 UTC:

Syndicate, just like K AFK A, reaches 2nd spot with 433 infamy and 6 members. Possibly alt killing. Spell Breakers, Raven Crest Vanguard and The Void Awoken, follow whilst properly playing at 4th, 5th and 6th.

17th October:

The event I refer to as the Great Early Game Gank occurs. The first 24 hours of the Guild update are filled with Random Killing and Murder to take the top spot on the infamy leaderboard, also a bit of drama. SunCry takes the top spot after a challenge by K AFK A, which was soon found loopholing. Spell Breakers take 3rd after Syndicate rises to 2nd. The entire WoM community riot the Guild Update, from the forums, to the discord, to messaging members of guilds. The first bloody hours of v1.3 are only a peek of what’s to come…

15:15 UTC:

Eye of Chaos and SunCry clash at the gate of Ironport, SunCry wins.

Monday 19th October 2020, 20:10 UTC:

Eye of Chaos and SunCry clash again East if the Bell Village Lake, Eye of Chaos leaves the game as SunCry’s infamy was heavily impact, they would bring it back up again.

Sunday 25th October 2020:

Syndicate is disbanded. Members of Syndicate have joined Azure Society, possibly a merge of the guilds. A new force has just risen.

yay war and drama are the best storys

Cool. We’ll see how this pans out!

didnt you join us a bit ago

I’m not loyal though, I’m looking at the discord servers to see which one I’ll join come 1.3

k, shouldve just said that when you joined.

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hm interesting

Nice, I don’t have to ask around about what happened when I was sleeping: I can just go here and read up.

Thank you for making this thing, and I hope that it might perhaps become a sort of widely-referenced history sheet, one day.

meanwhile, Roselight here chilling and crying with 3rd place
update: we have tenth now

Roselight is still winning the moral victory here. Not sacrificing your image and credibility and still being the 3rd out of all is an admirable performance, if you ask me.

Keep up the good work, we’ll see where we’ll be by the end of it :ok_hand:

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We’re tenth now

We lost third place overnight lmao

I slept during the time the update got released. Now I have to do so many things, it’s pretty hectic ngl

Very good, Record Keeper.

Delete. indeed.

Yes you’d chanwnen

I’m going to need people to tell me what happens with different guilds, right now, all I’m writing about is SunCry because I’m part of SunCry. I need more diversity here so if you are in a different guild and know of an event that happened, message me on forum or discord. (Rayhan#0302)

You joined Suncry?

Yeah, I’m sorry