Rayman Axel why...?

ok rayman axel i was waiting for you in the colosseum when you left my game. Username in game: Yumiko Arbor

last online 7 years ago


one day we shall play halo again

when did i say i’d fight you? anyways cant do it now cause im going to my dads house for the weekend. pretty sure i was in that server before you as well. I don’t think I even saw you and you never messaged me

heres proof of him saying hes coming to pick me up


does your dad have an onlyfans?

Coulda just messaged him instead of making a whole post about it :neutral_face:


people aren’t obligated to fight you just because you asked

Fight Me.

also he didn’t ask idk what he expected

no thank you sir and/or madam and/or other