[RBA Devlog] 2) Actual Gameplay!

Once again, here is the link:

Some things I did:

  • added swords through a psuedo-modular system (doesn’t sound hard but it was hard)
  • you can get kicked if you die alot
  • updated the map to look better
  • added a day night cycle

some things I need to do:

  • add banana
  • add the first ranged weapon (perhaps a rock)
  • make rarer weapons/tacos rain from the sky

anyways, please give feedback! It helps me know what to develop in the game.


what will banan do tho?

the small arena ontop of the mini hill-like structure is cool, defo gonna be a hub for formal battles
the giant spawn thing at the top of the sky is very weird, you might want to delete that

probably gonna edit this with more feedback but yeah
some more feedback:
the (i think) rainbow katana at the moment is quite op, you should nerf it’s damage quite a bit

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oh noice, gonna try it xD

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I added more swords, along with some rare swords that now drop out of the sky!

(note: I did not make any of my sword models myself I just stole them from the toolbox lol)

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Notes before I go to sleep:

  • add point orbs that delete themselves (client sided-ly) upon touch (would probably use module scripts).
    Points would be used to access different areas, and would be deleted upon death.

  • create the first home made sword tool, start phasing out the free model swords

  • maybe make an “”“npc”"" to test talking guis? (In the style of AA npcs)

  • expand the map more

  • make multiple portals at various places

  • add food (maybe)

  • maek lore


  • make a save system where you have only a limited number of saves

Also these are more long term so it’s most likely these changes won’t happen overnight