Recruitable scout npc

Recruitable scout npc
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Just a quick little suggestion.

The scout:

  • recruitable npc that will occupy the crows nest of a ship
  • can spot enemy ships in the distance and give a direction
  • can spot stranded npc and give a direction
  • can spot sea monsters
  • can spot diving spots
  • can spot natural disasters

The scout will be able to look further than the player due to their telescope. Higher rarity lamps will increase the scouts spotting distance during night and fog.

This seem like things high level co-captains would do

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yeah its really nothing worth a whole new class of crew
they kinda already do this

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The best they do is say an enemy ship is attacking you when its within like 5m. The scout will be able to see much further. Give warnings in fog as well.

still too much overlap, is it really worth doing more code and ui(even if minimal)?
could be an okish quartermaster idea i guess tho

I considered it as a quarter master at first but it would be better of as an npc used by everyone without taking up a slot. As for whether its worth dev time. At most it will be a static npc in a single location and will just use text to communicate.

takes longer then you would think.
It would need to

  • Detect other ships
  • identify whether friends or hostile
  • locate north and south relative to current location
  • locate distance between the two points
  • know where to spawn during docking
  • know when the ship is docking
  • know to move with the ship
    sure this is pretty small in the grand scheme of things, but still a lot, especially considering that half of these are already on quartermasters
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Well it is a QoL feature although if expanded on it can become a core feature used to traverse the dark sea which is what I’m going for.

The scout would warn on oncoming threats and the crew would comment on any active threats. That would be the difference.

but, once again, quartermasters already do this

they say it whenever the ship aggros on you

Kenton kinda just does this already, and he’s still not the top tier

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