Recruitment Negotiation with Deckhands

Recruitment Negotiation with Deckhands
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Add a way to negotiate or threaten deckhands that have more fame requirement than your current fame. The system would work with your rep vs their requirement; the higher your rep, the higher the success rate.

The remaining reputation you need to actually recruit them the default way would subtract to your success rate (maybe? im getting these ideas trying to make it somewhat good to understand), and there would be some scale, like, 5% or 1% of success rate every e.g 1-10k reputation.

So like, if i have 70k fame and the deckhand has a requirement of 100k fame, i would have a 70% chance (taking 10% per 10k scale) of base success rate.

Since i need 30k more fame to recruit them, it would result in 40% success rate, since 70% - 30% (from the remaining fame required) results in 40%. Set a base percentage where you would need to start paying galleons for them to join you, positive or negative renown would not matter, since it’s money, you know.

Now for the feature looks, it would be an extra tab named Negotiate (if you have positive renown) or Threaten (if you have negative renown). It would trigger different dialogue from the deckhand if possible or failed, e.g:

Positive Renown Success

“Huh, so you’re that captain, since you asked so nicely i’ll join you.”
“Oh, you’re a captain? Welp, by what you’ve said, it’s worth joining you.”
“Oh. You’re a captain then? Sorry, you didn’t look like one. I’ll join you.”
+dialogues in this theme.

Positive Renown Failure

“Huh? No, i never heard of you.”
“No, you don’t look like all of that.”
“You? A captain? You must be lying.”
“I’ll refuse your offer, you don’t look worth joining.”

  • dialogues next to this

Negative Renown Success

“Wow, okay, i’ll join you! Just don’t hurt me!”
“Oh, chill down. I see your intentions… I wan’t to join, then!”
“Hey, calm down, please! Don’t hurt me!”
“Okay, okay! I’ll join you, no need to use brute force!”

Negative Renown Failure

“What was that? Go away before i beat you to a pulp.”
“Did you really try to threaten me? Get lost!”
“Hilarious! You don’t scare me, loser.”
“I said no! Now go away, before i kill you!”

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  • When failing while with negative renown, you could lose either money, bounty or fight the deckhand.

The positive renown fail otherwise, could either get you to lose some fame, or trigger the payment method for recruiting the deckhand.

I think you should be able to beat the crap out of deckhands and make them join you BOI WATCHU MEAN WITH YOUR “I never heard of you” I AM 35 LEVELS ABOVE YOU

allat for that yummy +2 turn speed :fire::fire::fire:

Why does this need to exist, sounds like a really bad fix for a really horribly designed game mechanic. But I interpret this suggestion as people realizing that obtaining deckhands is stupid and annoying, so I’m not going to write it off immediately. But a deckhand rework would be better IMO.

I believe that this feature is fairly unnecessary, the system in it’s current form rewards you for reaching high amount of fame or bounty, and luck already plays a very big role, as it can enable you to get high tier deckhands with low level, meaning low renown requirement and you can level them up.
I mean, if the game was already finished and there weren’t any better suggestions then sure, thought I don’t think that’s the case.

I just realized that this suggestion can be used to gamble for those insanely high renown deckhands without putting in any of the effort, which is really stupid and should absolutely not be a thing. Yeah this suggestion might have a few flaws…

I think the reason why people might not like this suggestion is because its luck based, but the idea of negotiating is really good.

What i think should happen is that you can offer them a higher pay if u have a low amount of fame, so instead of being luck based it will be based on galleons.

Idk how to do the math for it but the bigger the fame difference the more galleons they’ll demand and it would work like irl where they have a mood and if your offering small amounts of galleons then they’ll get a bad mood thus wanting more galleons, if u dissapoint them 3 times they will no longer negotiate with u.

Not sure if this is the best solution but its the only one I can come up with

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