Redrawing jjk panels with ao characters (3)

what’s the peacekeeper canon design you used as a reference like?
I’ve never seen it :sob:


durza says as Peacekeeper chants the incantations and hand signs to blow him up

4 minutes and 11 seconds after Freedrock gets revived, he is effectively Unstoppable

Vetex said magic is stronger than vitality so a pure mage would be stronger than someone who invested half his effort into improving a worse ability

here u go !
im still unclear whether its actually the canon one-

Idk, in hindsight after I posted that it makes more sense to me.

Honestly, I guess we’ll see but it’s is probably more of a case of Mage>=<Paladin
Since Paladins can imbue their magics with spirit stuff to make it just as strong. Of course more mages are going to be stronger, since well, spirit weapons aren’t exactly common and a lot of their power presumably comes from them.
I might cook up some Paladin spells though, since I think they could have some unique stuff since they use both types of energy (since Spirit Energy is Creation, maybe physical constructs?).

Wanna know something funny, PK quite literally soloed NOT ONLY DURZA BUT UNDEAD ZEUS AS WELL. So yea, PK is HIM.

PK is also from what ik, a confirmed savant, Fire savant to be specific.

They have both brought out 120%… of their arcanium!


Durza could only watch in pure shock as the gaping hole in Freedrock’s chest slowly started to pull itself back. Soon enough where once the fatal blow was, there was nothing but a scar. Surging through his veins, Freedrock has already felt the effects of his external curse. Soon enough, he was already many times stronger than he was…

His luck is said to be endless, and for that reason, he has gained the title “The False Immortal”

It’s confirmed to at least be what Vetex thought the Peacekeeper would look like by the end of AA onwards towards the end of AA’s development.
So, it’s the best we have.

oh false immortal is actually such a sick title

Thanks! Came up with it on my own, and it’s the main title I use for Freedrock