Redrawing jjk panels with ao characters (3)

peacekeeper vs acheron (durza)

did some digging and found a pic of apparently the peacekeeper’s canon design???

also used Tong’s design of acheron and then added some stuff to it


A churron vs pee keeper

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Fraudurza vs Fraudkeeper

The roles are gonna be reversed to be lore accurate.
“You did well Durza. I wont forget you for as long as I live.”

“Stand ashamed Durza, you were weak.”
AWE ain’t even gonna need to jump in.


(Bottom text)

The fraudest in history vs the fraudest of today?
Real talk though, I think canonically AO MC is gonna surpass the Peacekeeper (pre absorption curse at least) and might be a Paladin since apparently that’s canonically the strongest class (probably because it has both Spirit Weapons and Magic).

“lend me some mutations freedrock, this is base durza we are up against”

Real question though, who’s gonna be Uraume glazing Durza?

undead zeus

I was thinking that but it doesn’t fully make sense. I guess Freedrock could be fighting them since he’s basically Hakari.

unfathomable amounts of caffeine :sparkles:

cooking with flame indeed!!
continue cooking (at a healthy pace)

imma quietly steal that freedrock = hakari idea :3

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Great art from the goat, Kam_i but there’s only one issue.

Morrock solos both :sob: :pray:

( :fist_right: :fire_magic: :fist_left: )

suffering builds character

down another one and keep cooking :pray:

Didn’t Vetex said that the AO MC is a Savant?

Imaginary technique: Vetex ai abuse

so peak