Redrawing jjk panels with ao characters


Flare and Death icons by Tobi



You nailed that artstyle

i dont read JJK manga but i genuinely couldn’t tell a difference besides the move names and the AO thing at the bottom

Holy peak as AWE

holy shit this is peak

ima be a nerd here but curse users dont have magic circles

im feeling peaceful today

This is actually sick wtf


Bruh, Which characters are there?

The fan-art is of Calvus, Morden and Iris


durza vs cursebeard; the strongest wizard in history vs the strongest wizard of today

Morden fits too well

holy shit thank u for the idea

They’re both the old asf though.

Peacekeeper might make more sense since they’re the freshie that in like 3-6 months bodied Durza.

As other people have said, you’ve nailed the JJK style without looking exactly like it. Absolutely magnificent.
It’s also nice to see an actual redraw unlike that one guy who basically just traced anything that wasn’t the armor

Kami comes back and posts peak

oooh truee, i cant really find any reference photos of the peacekeeper tho so its kinda difficult-