Redwake longboat

The Redwake longboat is a hunting vessel used by the warriors and hunters of Redwake on their journeys. These types of longboats are vitally important for gathering food and hunting sea monsters for the people. It’s design was passed down through the generations in the Redwake shipwright family line. Due to their age and importance to the Redwake community, these longboats have gained an almost legend-worthy status.


are you going to do more of the sub-types?


including the ironclaaad?


very viking-like

I love the model! The face painted on the front reminds me of what you would see painted on Greek trireme and bireme but on a longship. I think it blends together nicely and matches the style of AO. Very EPIC! :fire_magic:

keep cooking, your meal was delicious

You could even say this is the boat they use for their annual tradition “Sharkara” where they go out to hunt for food and can’t return until they find a big catch