Regarding the v1.12 Dash Staling Feature and the Current Problem with PvP

Warning: This is not a typical informational post. This is a fact-based partial rant about a planned feature that may or may not be added.

I was taking a look at the 1.12 patch notes yesterday, and for the most part, I agreed with the balancing changes. Initially, the dash cooldown/distance modifier made me a little annoyed, but other than that I didn’t find too much of issue. Then I got to the bottom of the page. Dash Staling. This, if I am to be honest, pissed me off. Let me go over why.

I will preface my argument with this: I am not a PvPer. I am not against other people partaking in PvP, but I am not a willing participant myself. I consider myself an NPC enthusiast and partial information gatherer, honestly. Back to the topic:

The game has a slight issue with RKing right now, only encouraged by the bounty/assaassination system. Ok, AO wanted to encourage PvP. There’s only one problem for that; the game actively punishes you for doing it, with few exceptions.

Here is a list of things that happen when you die:
Non-PvP deaths included:
You lose money.
You lose charts.
You get teleported back to your spawn island, and you can’t use your boat until it despawns.
You get arrested (if you have a bounty)

You lose bounty (if you’re negative rep)
You lose clan infamy (clan members only)

Now, I have problems with two of these specifically that make me avoid PvP: Losing money and losing charts.
These occur when you die to anything, however, PvP makes it significantly worse. If you fight an NPC, 90% of the time you choose to do so. NPCs are also much less risky; unless it’s, say, a difficult boss, you usually don’t die to NPCs, making these two events much less common.
However, you are much more likely to get killed by players when fighting them, making these a more significant factor. I don’t want to lose money or charts if someone wants to fight me. Hell, I only run to keep my things safe.

Solutions to the problems mentioned above:
Remove losing money on death. This is a pointless mechanic that existed in WoM too, and I hated it. It serves no purpose other than to be annoying. It’s a substantial amount too; it’s percentage based, meaning you could lose several hundred just because some idiot wanted to fight you.

Make charts disappear when you leave the server. This maintains charts’ purpose as a one use, non-saving item without making it a problem if you accidentally sail into the dark sea or get killed.

While money isn’t as important late-game, and I don’t always do charts for large islands, my point still stands. It’s annoying and pointless for these features to be like this.

Addressing Dash Staling:
Now, we get to the second main point of the post: Dash Staling.
The v1.12 document describes it as the following:

"Dashes would “stale” in distance based on a meter. The meter doesn’t need to be shown to the player, it just needs to exist. The meter would take 8sec to regenerate from 0% to 100%

Dashes would consume 14% of the meter, and your meter would not regenerate while your dash is on cooldown. Hitting an enemy refills 14% of the meter. If your attack is a multihit, only 1 hit would count.

Your dashes would travel the full distance as long as your meter is over 72% full. When below 72%, your dash distance will decrease. When empty your dashes travel 1/3rd distance."

There are two cons to this, one for PvP and the other for traveling.
Let’s start with traveling first. This is a smaller disadvantage, but still a little bothersome. Dashes are an easy way to get around large islands like Ravenna, and making it so you have to stop after a few dashes does waste a little bit of time. However, this is all in all not too bad.

Now for the PvP aspect. The document has the audacity to put “Dissuades running” as a pro. What the hell. This is annoying for people like me who wish to not partake in PvP.
Currently, you can dash away from people to have enough HP to prevent dying, and you likely only need to stop for stamina. Magic high jumps, fighting style abilities, and weapon skills all allow for a way to continue fleeing even if you can no longer dash for a while.

Dash Staling will make it significantly more difficult to get away – something that bothers me a lot. If they’re going to add this, at least implement the changes I stated above. It’ll make PvP less of an annoyance.

Let’s look at an example scenario:
Yesterday I was helping a friend farm Cassenia (the Bored Centurion) to help get his awakening, when a guy shows up and starts attacking. I run to Tiberia and get him distracted with a centurion. After about 20 minutes of conflict with this guy, he is successfully driven out of Ravenna and I go back to farming Cassenia with the other person.
An hour later the guy returns, trying to kill me again. This time, he doesn’t fall for the centurions and almost kills me. I made it to Rasna, jumped on my 94 speed caravel, and sailed away as he tried to swim after me. I was at about 200 hp. Had it not been for dashing, I’d have lost my money and died.
People in AO just seem unreasonable-- It’s like “stop”, “I don’t PvP”, or “go away” fall on deaf ears. Dashing helps deter people from attacking you. Why go through the process of chasing one guy around when you can hunt NPCs?

It’s honestly irritating how the game both encourages and discourages PvP. If you want people to fight, lower, change, or just outright remove certain punishments for dying.

And here's some bonus tips for getting away, if you want them.

Use the terrain and NPCs to your advantage to help escape.
Get on your ship if it is decently fast; otherwise keep running.
Know your surroundings. Don’t run into a dead end.
Ask your friends to help kill them for you if you are unable to.
Attack if you know it is likely that you can fight them off; don’t give chase if they run. Don’t perpetuate the cycle.
Leave the server if you’re out of combat log.
Hide if you get enough distance between you and them. (Obviously)

Remove losing money from dying and make charts only disappear when you leave the server.
Otherwise don’t add Dash Staling. It’s annoying.

This concludes the post rant. Regular NPC and informational content will likely resume soon.


the only gripe i can agree on is charts maybe when ur trying to 100% bronze but otherwise it’s just something we have to experience and or get used to and adjust from there or just simply dealing w/ it for the moment ;-;


currently the balance doc lists this w/ dashing and some more tweaking to the already occurring dash staling in conversations from what i can tell. all of which are fine and gladly welcomed from me tbh. where it’s really only annoying for the chasers side (chasing after a dude who attacked me when i was doing charts for him to get away was annoying)

money drop on death only is tedious/annoying before lvl 75 at best otherwise it quickly becomes inconsequential since it caps out at -350. (which should stay that way ftmp)

would happen in any other pvp enabled featured game tbh and dying in ao is ‘fairly inconsequential’
(tho this mostly stems from me playing rogue or deepwoken where u would lose everything and ao is pretty baby mode in comparison and i will nerver return to either games aside from layer 3 maybe ;-; )

i get why u and others feel this way tho, haven’t ever seen it in ao but i would honestly be a bit annoyed if ppl say that if i’m hunting them down

not really didn’t stop others when i dipped from them and i myself had chased one dude across all of ravenna (and i mean all including of going ontop of the mountain) twice or more a few days ago for attacking me when i was doing my treasure chart.

the annoying parts aside from being attacked when doing a chart was, not managing to kill them (they got away) and me just shy from hitting them since flash strike doesn’t go as far. (thank goodness for the increased distance)

variety, i personally hunt down npcs most of the time myself, especially rivals, but i want to spice things up and get more of a life-like feel from someone rather than curb stomp my rival or npcs

lastly additional things to deal w/ combat if u really despise it is to just:

A- fight back

u might get a good fight in, drive the person away, or outright defeat them and make them bear consequence as a result

B- run away successfully and log

(which logging is optional and i had done so today when i was caught completely off guard and simply didnt want to deal w/ it especially since ik how to run away out of almost any situation)

C- reset instantly

if u don’t want to do A or can’t do B and serverhop. Be petty about it and not give the person a fight and simply move along with the -5k to -12k renown or so. most ppl just hunt u once and leave you alone from what i can gather w/ myself included (at least thats what ur supposed to do as a courtesy) unless u comeback or they have beef w/ u

also one last thing that is argubly most important thing here:


theres so much more engaging and more faster methods of lvling (which excludes kai, and merlot btw) that why beat up the centurion over and over ;-;

vetex nerfed the sky island mage for a reason ;-;

also another tip is to just do ravenna at lvl 110, u get to lvl 125 before u hit mount othrys which allows u to have ur stats fully in and only go there in and out for the awakening benefits. to get here complete island explorations, get a rival, charts, bounty hunting, ship hunting etc.

(why do grammar checks take so long man ;-; )

imo one problem i see with this dash staling mechanic is that it promotes atk size even more, if every attack regens 14% of your dash bar, small attacks would become more obsolete

Magic size mage meta is real frfr

On the topic of dash staling, seems fair ngl. Considering pvp builds are mostly power stat and stuff, it makes sense that they should have less chance to spam dash.

Meanwhile, it buffs agility stat considering now that there’s a meter that’s being drained in which the distance depends on, this makes agility stat even more useful for non-pvp types. I dont know why you wont like it considering it’s another advantage for people who doesnt like pvp, just use an agility build

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you know what i’ll delete my asshole comment and say something else instead

“crown and scroll loss should be removed because they only serve to be a nuisance and frustrate PvErs”
“crown and scroll loss should be removed so that the guy i’m bounty hunting doesn’t run away as much”

Bruh what crown are you talking about, Calvus crown?

my WOM brain forgot that they’re called galleons now

Oh lol