Regarding thrown daggers

I love using my double daggers as an opening to cause bleed, but 75% of the time I miss. I think a good fix to make daggers more viable(At least in causing bleed) is making the hitbox bigger.

It would be nice to use the 40% damage increase with ice magic when the enemy is bleeding.

I can’t stop it. . . seems like a sKiLl ISsuE

I was being sarcastic don’t get butt hurt pls


Dual daggers just need less delay in between the throws because it got nerfed a little too hard.

Otherwise it shouldn’t need any changes.


nah theyre bad even with enough skill

daggers used to be busted ;-;

the speed and aim should probably be increased or made better

cooldowns could be longer to balance that

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skill issue but not player skill
weapon’s skill

not being rude -_-

nobody was being butt hurt tho
everyone was just pointing out the facts lols

I’ll just stop before this becomes a big misunderstanding

Um why make the hitbox bigger then the actually object. ._.

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