Rejoice PVE and friend clans!


Hopefully this potential change makes it into the main game, ideally this change should help to prevent less serious, newer clans being mixed in with more serious, PVP clans.

With the new clan-exclusive servers coming in the Empires update, that last thing I would want to see happen is the change being reverted in a hotfix due to people who don’t enjoy PVP or more serious clan interactions being punished simply for being in a friend clan, or in a clan to have an icon. I truly think that the clan exclusive servers will help the clan community to become more engaged, and I know many people are looking forward to this change, even if they arn’t on the forums.


Can’t wait to join a server with a clan war going on and load a base with thousands of individual pieces to freeze everything for 30 seconds :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Big W by ryan fr

Love seeing my pve homied catch W’s :handshake:

Nah this is going to prevent that unless your clan has over 100k- 150k infamy

For everyone wondering, its now been added into the game!

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My clans above the threshold but ah well. At least there is a threshold now.

If your clan is above the threshold, hopefully by then the players in the clan would be experienced enough, but I don’t know em so I wouldn’t know

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wait but what about clans that still need to look for members? if this was implemented, then it would be near impossible to get clan members by normal means (aka go into a server and manually ask them)

my question is how this effects joinable clans (navy, assassins, eventually Juraserva or whatever.)

if they have no subclan, will they still be teleported into clan servers? and what if they do? do the infamy requirements still apply?

i’m hoping not, especially if jura is a PvE-based guild compared to the navy and assassins, which are pvp-oriented. i would hate to be journaling for the News and then be jumped by a ton of meta-mages because i accidentally stepped foot into the wrong island.

wait like

now? right now already? not the next update?

Welp already above threshold. Server browser it is

Next update, this was just pointing out it’s on the Trello.
ryan just said it weirdly