Release Speculation

Definitely not soon unless you mean a few weeks to a month, he has to make the small-medium story quests, boss fights (weeks :moyai:), and the awakening system since awakening will probably have a story quest attached to it.

There could also be unique quests he has to code like the stealth section in Fort Talos (I doubt it but it’s possible)


i think these bosses will be using awakening only content like magic imbued weapons lost spells etc

I do indeed :nod:

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Jokes aside I feel like awakening content shouldn’t delay it that badly since it’s basically changing the stats and visual effects of moves


what is being delayed
early access will stay on its set date and release is the only thing that will be affected
then again, early access is free so it wont matter


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the arcane odyssey is fake!!!

Agree, its totally fake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

hes said multiple times he’ll just release the game and wont delay. its early access anyway some of this wont exist in release

@danthelastred I mean delaying the boss being finished, delay is the wrong word though since I should have said extend or increase instead

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I’m from the future it releases in feburary

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