(Remake Post) Current World of Magic Remake Progress Post

Riverville is completed now (built by @DiscGuy )
Here’s a couple images of its appearance

New NPCs (MC Queller and Bombarder). Technically the bombarder has been around for a while

As for the DA, we have Combat Agents and Incanters, the latter also having been around for some time

Bombarder’s spell (Will be a rare spell in the future)

Queller’s spell (Also a future rare spell)

Shadow’s new visual effect reduces your field of vision rather than the admittedly useless colorblinding

Tourists are special civilians that spawn in larger towns. They periodically spawn and will eventually be synced to visiting ships in coastal towns.

Civilians will randomly read newspapers every once in a while

Rivals now save to your data, and will spawn every 10 minutes, one per player. Duplicate rivals won’t spawn, and you can have infinite rivals.

Threats start when a civilian or tourist is killed. Soldiers will spawn from a preset point and path over to the player or NPC that started it and attempt to kill them.

Mino and Exiled (not scripted yet)

Smoke Arrows (they’ve been nerfed to produce less smoke)

New DA structure, ruined MC camp. Built by one of the dev helpers (@Yellowstone )

Bounties have received new outfits that @Firevein suggested to me. Shown in these images are Blind, Alchemist, Monk, and Musketeer. There’s a couple others that didn’t spawn in the server I was in

Other images:

For the full update log and instructions on joining playtesting, join the server:


heck yea, best town’s back

Blud’s cooking :100:

looks sick as fuck but i can’t understand for the life of me what is happening in any of the images

why him forearms so big

See, the only way I can adjust an NPC’s body meshes if they use multiple packages is by replacing the IDs manually, which leads to misplaced or mis-sized body parts sometimes

This seems epic!

this project has come quite far since i joined in.

Remind me to make a picture mode so you can have less UI in the way :pensive:

Cause these screen shots be making the game look cluttered

We truly live in a World of Magic…

in this arcane odyssey

There is already one though
I just didn’t turn it on for most of these photos

Screen shots gotta be cinematic~!

Looks cool :+1::fire::+1: Very pleased with how the alchemy hat turned out, I was worried it was gonna cause clipping

Anyway I didn’t know where to share these but here they are

Monocle upgrade for the fancy NPCs. Sovereign Monocle. Because they don’t really have anything beyond lv50.

Skull NPC style
Very similar to Barbarian until lv100. They might go for steel pauldrons. At lv100 they get the Deathdealer Helmet
It goes from level 100 to 150 and gives defense and intensity
Similarly, there’s also a Deathdealer belt. This is also available for barbarian and fighter NPCs, and this NPC can use the Carina faulds too (item that looks like it) Once we get the mesh for the fighting belt they can also use that.
The set would also come with pauldrons

They would use either whatever armor the barbarian drip uses at that level or titanium armor. If you can find a body for them that would be fine.
The Deathdealer belt can also be found on Occult npcs

Arrow charm
This is a lv1-50 item that increases attack speed. It can be found on Skull NPCs, but also Occult, Barbarian, Bandit, Cowboy, the like.

Bone Charm
The upgrade of the arrow charm from lv50 to 100. It can be found on all of those previously mentioned ones except the Cowboy

A new blindfold for the blind NPCs, Bloody Hand Blindfold

This would be placed a bit farther ahead of the current blindfold and would be exclusive to these NPCs.

Eye goggles, which will be given to Engineer NPCs exclusively once they outlevel their head goggles. Same stats but higher(they’re strong enough to put them on now)

Nice suggestions, I’ll see which of these will work well and implement them sometime soon

use HumanoidDescriptions