(Remake Post) NPC Bodyguards

So I made bodyguards that you can hire in a similar fashion to deckhands. They’ll fight NPCs/players for you, as long as the enemy attacks you first (so they don’t go around killing everything), and you can hire them with either crowns or free if you have enough rep. They’re not permanent though, only until you die/leave. There’s versions for both positive and negative rep players.



(Unclear) :sob:

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Start adding weapons that can be obtained other than necro staff and some other boss items

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Yeah I know, I have to script the weapons eventually at some point.
Going to start with the basic stuff like dagger, shortsword, and bow and arrow, I think.
Boss weapons won’t be worked on until later. The reason being that I don’t know how to properly make the WoM inventory system (specifically equipping items and getting items from chests)

omg is that world of magic remake that im totally not in the discord of??

(unless its unfinished) Maybe instead of that dialogue, have something like deckhands where if you dont have the reputation requirement, they ask if you want to hire them for galleons, and if you do, have them ask if you want them to join you to protect you. I think having them plainly state they’ll join you for free if you’re famous enough is kind of robotic.

Otherwise good stuff, a cool adaptation of an AO concept to fit well into the remake of it’s predecessor!


Yeah, they aren’t completely finished right now, and there’s still a few things to fix up or add.
But I’ll take your advice into consideration, it shouldn’t be too hard to do and it could make the dialogue feel more attuned to WoM’s.

imagine having like 30 bodyguards and marching to the beat of hell march from the red alert series

dumb idea ong

i’ll test it out myself and say how dumb it is tyvm!!!

You can commit friendly fire on them

Yeah cause the weapons, again, aren’t made by me since they act as placeholders, so while you can’t hit them with magic, you can with weapons.
Weapons I make shouldn’t have this issue


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