Remember that guy in that one city in the 3rd sea who would shoot big ash balls into the sky?

What was his name and who was he in the story of AA and was he using the ash curse or did he mutate his magic and if ash was a mutated magic in AA why is it a base magic in AO


  1. his name was Arsen, he weilded the ash curse

  2. ash was a mutation of fire, and it, like many other mutations, is now a base magic because of the war seas being much more magically advanced than the seven seas, to the point that all the mutations are either lost and require special scrolls or are base magic.

you cannot mutate your magic if you’re from the war seas, because “you don’t need to” in vetex’s words


Idk what his name was but he would spawn when you broke a ton of buildings and then he would barrage you with ash meteors from the sky

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Oh damn thanks a lot

Lol. Iron argument.