Reminders for AO (Part 2)

Casually chilling at the beach with a rifle

leak image of level 250 amulet:


Don’t give him ideas

This guy seems familiar :thinking:


Are you saying that’s a statue of Argos?

No, there’s a statue in wom that looks similar to this one, if it’s not exactly the same one

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Bro looks like akainu on vacation
(Cosplay him with the white coat if they are indeed real)

Vetex should as cigar accessories if he can

its against the roblox tos pretty sure

would be cool but its against tos

wait it thought 13+ made it so you could add shit like that

damn :pensive:

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Remember kids, brutally dismembering a random civilian is cool but smoking is a big no no


age recommendations dont let you do anything you couldnt before, theyre just recommendations

they also drastically lower your player count even if you set it to 9+ so vetex wouldnt do it anyway probably

certified roblox moment

i was about to post the same thing as well


I’m guessing that eventually each age group will see more stuff for their age rating, but let’s not get off topic.

why did you dumbfucks give a bot 64 likes lol

This is the 9000th message here

Can we get an image to use for the last message on reminders for AO

pretty sure the recipe in the meme though is like accurate to how actual meth is made irl