Reminders for AO (Part 3)

I feel like the update is literally right around the corner, so…

Place your bets.
  • The update is coming out tomorrow.
  • The update is coming out on Sunday.
  • The update is coming next week.
  • The update is coming in the first week of next month.

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i have severe copium


Bro is too desperate :sob:

What about it comes out when vetex decides it’s ready?

dead chat smhsmh

Dead chat indeed (x2)

This isn’t the first time vetex went days without updating the trello, but I wonder what he’s cooking

he could be taking a break, which is well deserved after cookin potions nonstop


he has been on Studio every day (including this exact moment) so he is cooking something big


maybe he’s working on something like a new sea monster? Could be what drops the reagent for shark summoner

it’s probably work on the gels to make sure stuff like visuals n stuff work right.

since the “added the gels” thing doesn’t outright state every part is done

might also be a lot of balancing on gels because I can see a lot of the gels being kinda busted

(gale imbue pulsar lol)

I was thinking more of harming gel but yeah lol

cant wait for tide gel to make sunken sword obsolete

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the frost gel and electric gel able to make sunkens better in question:

I think vetex might be working on the island revamps

Or fort castrum / spirit weapons even

Well my vote fell flat

the copium is real


Hey I’m Just bringing it up, it may be possible

Though fort castrum is most likely, along with the island changes