Reminders for AO Poll

Since the reply count is jumping up quickly, here is a poll for the name of part 3
What do you think the name will be?

Reminders Name Poll
  • Reminders for AO (Part 3)
  • Reminders for AO (Two): Electric Boogaloo (Part 2)

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could be called the third, like shrek the third

The third one marks the approach of my retirement

NOOOOOOOOO!!! That’s not okay.

Fuck that I’m all for Reminders for AO: Season 3


Reminders for AO (Part 3) is good but I think there should be something added to it afterwards

Reminders For AO (Part 3): Spamming Your Unread Topic

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can yall stop fucking posting shit there that isnt trello notes its getting to the point where every 300 replies its a trello update, its called reminders for ao and joseph’s intended purpose for it was trello updates, not fuckin 500 replies about how this characters bootyhole stink therefore he uses this weapon therefore story leaked like idgaf stfu please stfu




Yeah but its fun, and its not like it matters that much anyways. If you wanted to see the leaks without all that extra stuff, you could check the trello or Flare’s Leak Compilation. I personally enjoy the arguments and random stuff, its honestly really entertaining to read

I don’t see a reason to limit the Reminders for AO to the least amount of versions, it’s a good thing if we’ve discussed AO in mostly meaningful discussions and thusly need another Reminders for AO. I’m all for avoiding meaningless conversation in there by the way. Just a few thoughts on that.

I’m also genuinely curious on how far we could get with Reminders for AO until AO releases.

As time goes on it gets harder and harder to comb through the info, especially when looking for a specific leak or patch note since there are multiple seasons each with 10k messages

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how about we stop creating full blown arguments and using the topic as if it was a general chat
like that one stupid conversation about orange text

I’d say at least a few replies to a trello post, maybe 1-5 would be enough.

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dicuss it in another topic

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