Reminders for AO

Notice the her
Well my guesses are confirmed.


and it was a bit obvious

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no weapon :///////////////////////////

@JTN New victim

intensity :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Knockback → intensity: dot duration, blind, etc.
Str and Power → Power: combines both str and power so no needing one for magic and one for weapons, fighting styles etc.
Magic Size → Attack Size
Casting speed and magic speed → Attack Speed: both casting and magic speed were combined which is neat, this also affects weapons too now so pog
Agility (unchanged) but it affects dodging distance now
Defense (unchanged)
6 amulet types

the stats in ao


agility affects dodge distance

forgot about that thanks for reminding me

shut the fuck up

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: (

time for artists to lewd a character that has literally no actual thing as of current

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return to monke

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You should probably add that attack size and attack speed also affect all types of dmg just to be fully clear with everyone

;-; what

so like beam, blast, and explosion? thought that was obvious from what used to be magic speed affected the time between explosion amounts
weapons are now also affected by speed and casting amulets which is now atk speed?


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aight thanks gonna update that

A jungle? Interesting, considering how I thought this ocean would be super cold.

We dont question Arcane Oceans

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the weather is fucked all over the world because of magic pollution, thats why desert islands and things like frostmill or permafrost from aa could co-exist

updated v1.6.33