Remove or reduce lightning strikes

It is simply a frustrating and to be frank, not that useful of a rng event. I’ve died 4 times because of this as each lightning strike deals 700 damage and are unavoidable. That, and you cant tell when one is about to strike.

Please remove them entirely or reduce their damage to 100, the fact that this even exists is just stupid.

make it so like your hair stands up before you get struck or sparks appear above your head so you can at least know to block


Someone made a really cool visual that could easily be added in with lightning strikes. It was a pseudo magic circle that shrunk until the lightning struck. Makes it much fairer to react to, and even parry if you want.


honestly just add a really loud charging vfx if youre near the lightning strike vicinity before its about to strike (about 3s)

easy to add + less lag than the other options


Reminds me of totk lightning
At least that game gave you about 10 seconds of heads up most of the time.

  • remove/reduce lightning strikes
  • Add more lightning strikes

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holy shit this is the like 5th topic now I’ve seen on lightning RNG being a shitty mechanic

the voices of the people will unite

Why does it do so much?

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