Remove Renown Shield From Merchants

Remove Renown Shield From Merchants
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Remove the renown shield from Merchant NPCs

Reason to add/change

You are not going to accidentally attack a Merchant. I’ll easily trade a few hundred fame for 3 sealed chests.

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or you will lose like 15k fame, because you are technically a Good Person so a Good Person wouldn’t hurt innocents unless you were to tell the navy you don’t want to be good

Who’s to say they aren’t smuggling contraband cargo?

Not being able to attack everybody is one of the downsides to being the ‘good guy’.

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Agreed. Theres a dedicated side for that: being a villain.

Although there are times I am desperate for sealed chests and wanted to get them from merchants ships, having positive rep players killing innocent merchants aint it

what’s the point in killing merchants

I disagree with this as they can sell you rusty cans

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Reasonable enough

20 Left boots >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 sealed chests


Facts, my brother. Preach it.

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