Remove suburn 🙏

seriously for the love of god get rid of this crap :pray::pray:


2 words

nuh uh

Sunburn isn’t that bad, it’s immersive.

It’s a core feature so it won’t be disabled (vetex be like)

how is it immersive for the palest mf around to literally become black after 30 minutes in the sun

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Uh magic

yes i know it isn’t realistic, it’also unrealistic the fact that you do not get one-shotted by everything, but we are in a fantasy world of magic.

alright so since we’re more durable, we should also be more durable against the sun

tanning directly contradicts the lore


it’s unlikely Vetex will change the feature anyway.

vetex fr added something that literally nobody likes instead of an actual good feature

It’s for the immersion.

it is not immersive it’s just annoying

you choose the palest skin color, but by the end of the ravenna story, you’re literally black.


mf got charred by calvus and blamed it on sunburn

realll took me 2 months to get back to my og skintone

Vetex wants players to have the African slavery experience :ok_hand:

You can’t just remove this immersive feature, because it is immersive and relevant(This is just vetex’s way to not balance the game)



what is it
new status effect?

ah yes covering yourself with white stuff in a roblox game

Ur dirty minded young one.