Remove the "fake" sharks

Remove the "fake" sharks
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To elaborate: I’m referring to the sharks that swim around as fish. They get confused with real sharks when people go shark hunting.

So maybe just remove sharks from the pool of fish that can spawn.


I think that instead of removing them they should make them actual sharks that you can hit but they just act like a fish till u enter the water, then they’re gonna act like normal sharks and hunt you.


That just adds unnecessary complexity imo, AO already has enough lag rn but like dynamic npcs and crew members fighting it could be a neat feature added way later in the game

Yea, don’t see much of a point of them anyway.

I always found it weird we could fish up sharks in the first place.

the sheer terror of seeing the top half of a giant ass shark swim by my boat then realising it was just a basking shark. never again.


I fucking agree more

I am of the belief that sharks you fish out should be minibosses for the lols

This is great!

Yeah, let’s get rid of them. Might make the game less laggy too.

ive wanted this since the day the game came out

This comment is mainly to bump this because why is this a thing. Those suckers only exist to troll my friends while grinding for the shark egg, and also give me a mini heart attack.

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