Remove the rule saying you cant talk about mod actions

istg this rule was 100% made so biased mods can remvoe any post they want and make it way harder to point out biased mods why does it exist


reddit moment

shut the fuck up before they close ur post for disliking the vibe again!

Dude they’ll pull a chienese government on you and silence yo ass

fat fish closed post speed run any% world record
ayo what if meta is dream :flushed:

I’m going to release my inner Reddit Moderator and close this post immediately.

Jokes aside, this rule exists to heavily encourage users to privately resolve circumstances of unfair moderation. If you make a public post about it, users are bound to bandwagon and spread hate towards the moderator you believe gave out an unfair punishment or acted wrongly against a user or topic.

If you believe there is a genuine case of bias from a moderator, you can PM me or other admin with all the details and instances and I will take action.


ok but heres the thing
what if the mods dont want to ban a mod because there friends with them and or simp for them (you)
then they just ignore it and since this retard rule exists no one will find out or do anything about it


Even if I do happen to have some bias for the said moderator, there are other admins on the forum I can discuss with and collaboratively make a decision with multiple points of view. Admins are in authority to supervise the moderators, so this wouldn’t happen.

im in authority to supervise your mom in bed

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stupid geko.


I am in authority to supervisé you inside ur bée -blushes-

ok what if the mod team has a bias agenst the person being abused on
no one finds out and they stay abused with no way to respond
in a nutshell this rule is intended to provide a shield for biased mods to hide behind and prevents information about biased mod actions from spreading and clearly serves no other purpose other then that


You have so many what-ifs, its really annoying.

ok but
you cant say the rule isn’t entirely meant to hide mod bias

at the same time this post is correct and wrong and i cant express what its like better than that

Oh my. You can just private message the mods. You don’t post about it publicly as this is a forum, not Twitter. If you post it publicly you may start some unnecessary drama for the sake of garnering a following.

If you deem something unfair, then just message one of the several mods in this forum

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I ask to myself how fat fish survive that

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