Renown update

Honestly back whenever the game first released, I grinded renown ALOT. And it was really tedious and took quite a long time. But now after seeing this recent update i lost all my renown (I was a captain rank in the navy btw). I really do NOT wanna grind renown again and dont believe it was a correct decision to reset EVERYONES renown down to 50,000. What do y’all think about this recent update?

Navy player.


I don’t give a single dam to renown now that it’s been removed from deckhands

Renown isn’t important anymore so I don’t really care about it

Im glad, i can have 2k fame without giving a shit and if someone wants to kill me i know they’re just a jackass. Also dort why are you in the ten guardians of the sea? (Hes hawk)

There’s disclaimers just about everywhere about possible renown resets ‘n’ stuff. This was to be expected.

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