Replies not showing up as replies

I’ve seen this happen pretty often, but I don’t know why.

There are other examples, but this is the most recent one I can find.

its always been this way tho

Usually replies should look like this though

ik but when you’re replying to the person above you it doesn’t look like that, it has always been like this


Oh so that’s why it does that

I’m not going to lie, weirdest example you could’ve choosen

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Reply mark only appears when you reply to someone who’s message isn’t the latest message in the topic, currently. In other words, if you reply to the post above you, the mark doesn’t appear.

this makes perfect sense

@Danny_Zou youre thoughts?


That’s lame, should always appear imo

I would feel really indifferent about it.

It is confusing because you don’t know if someone is replying to the person above them or to the topic.

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As others have said in the thread, replies are suppressed if they’re responding to the post immediately above them. This comes up on discourse.meta a bit, but Discourse feels strongly that the added noise of “pointless” reply icons is not worth it.

That said, I agree with Ultra - it’s ambiguous and inconsistent.
We can disable it using the suppress_reply_directly_above site setting.

my thoughts are that you’re banned for pinging me in an unrelated thread