「Req’s Sunken and Boss Drop Emporium」100+ RARES!

「Req’s Sunken and Boss Drop Emporium」100+ RARES!
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Sunken Items:
-4x Strong Sunken Swords
-3x Hard Sunken Sword
-2x Swift Sunken Sword
-7x Clean Sunken Swords
-3x Bursting Sunken Helmet
-2x Powerful Sunken Helmet
-1x Powerful Sunken Chestplate
-1x Powerful Sunken Leggings
-1x Bursting Sunken Leggings
-1x Hard Sunken Helmet
-5x Clean Sunken Chestplate
-4x Clean Sunken Leggings

Boss Weapons:
-1x Hard Vastira
-8x Clean Vastira
-2x Strong Oathkeeper
-8x Clean Oathkeepers
-6x Heavy Wall of Jerichos
-4x Clean Wall of Jerichos

Boss Armors:
-1x Strong Minotaur Boots
-1x Strong Mino Chest
-1x Strong Mino Helm
-1x Hard Mino Legs
-1x Nimble Mino Legs
-1x Forceful Exiled Helmet
-1x Forceful Exiled Legs
-27x Clean Minotaur Boots
-26x Clean Minotaur Chests
-28x Clean Minotaur Helmets
-9x Clean Exiled Helmet
-15x Clean Exiled Leggings
-11x Clean Exiled Chest

Seasonal items:
-9x Headless Heads
-20x American Shades
-17x American Caps
-Multiple of EVERY Halloween item (colors may be an exception)

-Buying boss items, sunkens, and 4th of July items-
~I do NOT sell rares~
[Updated when I complete a transaction, Update log posted after each day]
Special thanks to XForgottenWondersX
Reply below or dm reqiume#3662

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Trading strong oath keeper and strong vastira for swift oathkeeper and wall of jericho +4k crowns

Im trading my swift oathkeeper and wall of jericho

1x Clean sunken sword
1x Exiled set
1x Mino Helm
1x Strong Oath
1x Strong Vast

1x Clean WoJ
1x Clean Vast

can i get your swift oathkeeper for: vastira, minotaur boots, minotaur chest, exiled chest. all clean

I will have to pass.

Exiled chest for a Minotaur chest?

I have an influx of exiled chests atm. If I get another one sure.

Ok then

How much cost the Clean vastira?

i’d rather not sell it for crowns

1x Swift Sunken Sword
Strong Vast
Clean Oath
Clean WoJ
Exiled set

Uhh, hard oath for swift oath?

I will pass for obvious reasons.

I mean that I give hard and you give swift sorry i’m always confusing XD
Sorry if that wasn’t why

No, I understood it the first time. Also I don’t own a hard one lol

Im so confused XD

Hard Oath
Swift Vastira

Clean/Hard Vastira for a sunken sword?