「Req’s Sunken and Boss Drop Emporium」UPDATED!

Sunken Items:
-2x Strong Sunken Swords
-3x Hard Sunken Sword
-3x Swift Sunken Sword
-4x Clean Sunken Swords
-2x Bursting Sunken Helmet
-1x Powerful Sunken Chestplate
-1x Powerful Sunken Leggings
-1x Bursting Sunken Leggings
-1x Hard Sunken Helmet
-5x Clean Sunken Chestplate
-3x Clean Sunken Leggings
-2x Clean Sunken Helmet

Boss Weapons:
-1x Strong Vastira
-1x Swift Vastira
-3x Clean Vastira
-1x Hard Oathkeeper
-5x Clean Oathkeepers
-1x Heavy Wall of Jerichos
-3x Clean Wall of Jerichos

Boss Armors:
-Strong Minotaur Boots
-6x Clean Minotaur Boots
-5x Clean Minotaur Chests
-5x Clean Minotaur Helmets
-3x Clean Exiled Helmet
-1x Clean Exiled Leggings
-2x Clean Exiled Chest

Seasonal items:
-7x Headless Heads
-8x American Shades
-5x American Caps
-Multiple of EVERY Halloween item (colors may be an exception)

-Buying boss items, sunkens, and 4th of July items-
~I do NOT sell rares~
[Updated when I complete a transaction, Update log posted after each day]
Special thanks to XForgottenWondersX
Reply below or dm reqiume#3662

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I want the sunken one can i get one for a oathkeeper?

when your shop is so dead you decide to post it on marketplace :frpensive:

Dont expose me like that :frpensive:

Can i trade level 90 hard Minotaur boot for crappy sunken boots? Ok this was crap trade sorry :frcryin:


you forget that 80% of all offers given to you on forums are shit


I got a swift and hard sunken sword, a hard sunken chest, a strong sunken boots, and strong vistara and strong oath. What can i get @Req

Damn 7 headless heads.

what could i get for a clean Minotaur Chest and legs now

I really want a Sunken Sword, Chesplate or Boots. I have Maxed Clean Sunken Helmet, Maxed Strong Vastira, Maxed Swift Vastira, Full Maxed Hard Exiled Set, Two Exiled Leggings and Clean Minotaur Set to offer. How much I have to pay and get from these items? Also my Hard Maxed Exiled Set may glitched and untradeble. My ROBLOX username is xCoolGamingx123.

I dont really mind if I did not get three of those.

Can I get any sunken swords for a headless head and like 5 other halloween items?

when you get sunken items specialty but you’re literally the boss drop version of Req :frcryin:

I got sunken chestplate / boots if ya wanna trade me ( my shop is one of the links on the post; “yes this is a boss drop shop” )

How much do you want for the chesplate and boots?

I usually prefer sunkens, but overpay in boss drops work too

How much?

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