Respawn Button When Dying


The game changing into islands and all, as well as changing the spawning system to only spawn on islands according to your story progress ( or level I think? ), this would give PKers a really good time especially when they can spawn kill on those lower than their level.

How it works is pretty simple, everytime you die, you shouldn’t spawn unless you click the respawn button. Though of course, since you havent respawned and you’re still dead, the screen would also be black just as how it is everytime you die.

You might ask “What’s the point of adding a respawn button when you die when there’s no point in spawn-killing?”, Well you see, people love killing those who are weaker than them. I can also see some players who’ve done this as well in other games that i’ve played and I am also one of those who have tried spawn killing those weaker than me. I mean who couldn’t love beating up kids in a game?

You might also ask “Then couldn’t you just leave the game?”, this does works but considering the game has RNG, there could be something that appeared in that server that only relied on that RNG but the spawn killer doesn’t know of it, making you not leave the game. Though surely you wouldn’t want someone to repeatedly kill you everytime you spawn.

If only you were immune to all damage for, I don’t know, about 15 seconds? that’d give the player plenty of time to get away

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They can still follow them you know and knowing that their level’s lower than the PKer, they would be able to easily kill them knowing the level gap.

The game’s also having islands as the place where you spawn, meaning relying on running alone and hoping that the PKer would get lost is even harder unlike in WoM where it’s having a continent as the world.

It’s 20 seconds of invincibility, just run away there’s no stamina loss on running anymore.

Idk maybe at best the game could automatically spawn you on a nearby wilderness island if you die quickly enough from a player after spawning on an island and you didnt leave it (unless the island is big enough to have many spawns, in which case you could spawn automatically on the other side of the island or something)

…But yeah that button really won’t do anything if you want a fix to that, either you have enough time to escape or you dont and wait while staring at your screen for 15 min, and at this point it’s not worth staying at all. It would be the same thing as the forcefield in AA at this point.

Same goes for the PKer though and if your level gap is high enough, you would even get ragdolled. So after that invincibility, you’re dragged around until you die. After you die, the PKer still have enough time to go to your spawn since it’s an island and not only that, you wont lose stamina when running.

Oh yeah, the PKer also have enough time to wait until you press the respawn button, guess I didnt think about that.

Do you think the islands are like 5 miles wide? From how Redwake looks it seems easy to go to an edge, place a boat and swim off. If they hop on your boat then just make the co-captains kill them. Nor will this fix any issue since they’d just wait.

Oh so you can place boats even in the water? I thought it was only going to be spawnable when you’re next to water on land.

I’m 99% sure you can place boats in water

the only thing i can see this helping with is preventing people from being killed constantly while afk


Imagine the respawn button was made better by letting you spawn on any island you were at in the last 20 minutes or the last 3 storyline islands or something and you got to choose.


Alternatively, similar to AA, spawn protection should only be taken away when you move or talk

that’s how it used to be. there was an unfixable bug where you’d get an infinite forcefield so it was changed to how it is now

cant the spawnkiller just get on your ship and wait till the forcefield is gone

this sounds like it’d be good protection against afk killing

or just find another server

Also maybe a button that takes you to the menu

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