Returning characters

For AO what characters from AA will have a likely chance of showing up in the story of AO?
Trigno would be a great returning character that I would like to see, but sadly theos will never return :frcryin:

Very few if any characters will return, vetex confirmed that
There will be mentions of characters such as cursebeard and possibly durza and trigno

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Averill? Maybe? Probably not.

Averill is currently out exploring the world, I think out of all characters he’s the one with the highest chance of making an appearance

yea. Though anyone else is unlikely. Even the peacekeeper is busy wrapping things up in the seven seas after Duza’s death.

yeah but even if he comes at one points it would be very, very, very late in the story, since he ain’t gonna complete his world tour before years

Not much, because either most of them are dead or out of reach. Yeah eventually Averill and maybe Trigno will reach AO but they would be extremely late

If any characters, dead or otherwise, can appear in our playthrough AO, it’ll have to be a written/spoken myth like Cursebeard. Though when Vetex said Durza is/can be a myth in the QNA, Theos can be a myth as well imo

A good amount of notable characters will appear in books in in a sort of fantasy/ tale like perspective because the people on the other side of the world had no clue what were they cooking in the seven sees. Averill and Maybe Trigno are likely to appear since Averill is travelling the world and Trigno always appears in the most random places so yea :person_shrugging:. I don’t think the PK will be returning in person (might be mentioned by NPCs) since somebody said that (either tech or vetex iirc) said it was cringe or something

weren’t there also mentions and discussions of the dude w/ the growth curse or smth that was related to theos?

or did that idea get scrapped and not happening

another thing is John Thorne might get a mention if it isn’t strictly related to the web comic so we might see where he came from and maybe a mild mention of some wacko going to the dark seas never to be seen again.

Oh yeah, theories that Randal build the Myriad with his curse

I thought that too but wasn’t too sure about the timeline of him going from the war seas to the seven seas

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there’s like 0 vance of it being the peacekeeper, i think there could be a chance for averill though

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