Returning Paper and Ink magics as rare/lost magic in AO

basically what the title Is saying, what if these old removed magics returned in the form of scrolls, but with better stats/mechanics?
(before you mention, i dont know what to think about scribbled, i mean imagine having to use two lost magics to apply such status lol)


how paper players felt on the most lame-ass magic ingame

whole reason why they were removed was because they were joke magics so no

i mean wind magic is practically a joke so…

but what about wood or glass??? arent they considered joke magics too??

and no i never used paper nor ink back WoM, i just found them kinda neat

no, since they are both naturally occurring objects

Suggestion outside of suggestions.
Vet is not adding magics if players ask. Ink and Paper most likely will not make a return.