Revamp Roaming Ships

Revamp Roaming Ships
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Roaming legendary ships would turn into full-fledged boss fights, the bosses would also have drops to incentivize attacking the ships.

Details/background on your proposal

In old AA Roaming legendary ships were super pointless, you would get nothing when you took them down so why would you fight them. They ended up just being annoying because you would defeat a powerful ship and get nothing.

For example Averail(This is just an example because I don’t know what the roaming legendaries are gonna be) could be given custom attacks and some drops to make fighting him worthwhile.Bosses should also tp back to the ship if they fall in the water to stop people from cheesing the fight.

Reason to add/change

If my suggestion was added whenever you find a roaming legendary ship you would be guaranteed a hard boss fight and a chance to get a good drop. This would change the snooze fest that was roaming legendary ships to an exciting boss fight and possibly a good
Revamp roaming legendary ships into interesting boss fights with drops.

this suggestion doesn’t actually say much and is pretty plain, no details or whatever
frankly you could sum it up with the line “give big boats drops” and that’d be all that’d be needed

while I guess this would be fine, vetex would probably give them drops with or without this suggestion anyways


Why call it a revamp when it hasn’t been made? Also this is AO not AA. We basically know nothing. Comparing something that was done years ago to something that hasn’t been made isn’t really fair. I’d say wait till Vetex actually makes the ships and then post a suggestion about them.

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idk man i think you should go talk to the AR devs about this because roaming ships haven’t even been added to AO yet


there used to be an idea in AA where you could customize your cannon and stuff with something else like the emerald captain’s cannon, so its a high possibility it’ll happen

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Another swing and a miss, you are at 1/3 swings that hit rn.

How can you revamp something that doesn’t exist?

Ok but mind tossing in some ideas on how we can make roaming legendary ship fights more interesting? Like a way to make the fights themselves more interesting or a reason on why you should fight them


yikes man this is a low blow

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