Revamped Fishing Classification (Ponds, Lakes, Oceans)

Revamped Fishing Classification (Ponds, Lakes, Oceans)
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The Idea

This suggestion is to revamp classifications of bodies of water in the game as there are only 3 (Cold Pond, Hot Pond, Ocean) so far.


It is simple, 4 classifications of bodies of water replace the already existing bodies of water.

  1. Cold Pond (Example: Body Of Water In Whitesummit)
  2. Hot Pond (Example: Palo Town Pond)
  3. Ocean

Is turned into the following Classifications:

  1. Small Ponds (Example: Pond In Palo Town)
  2. Medium Pond (Example: Body Of Water In Whitesummit)
  3. Lake (Example: The Cernunno Swamp)
  4. Ocean (Self Explanatory)

More models of fish will be found depending on the size of the body of water.

Reason to add

This is to just add additional detail and to make things more realistic.


This post will be edited to fit the feedback of the replies.

Things removed from this post:

  • Limit of how much fish
  • Size of body of water changing rarity of items and fish sizes.

Fishing is already dull and monotonous. Why force players trying to fill out their fishing journal to keep moving?


This would just make Master Angler a huge hassle

i don’t see anything wrong with this, you shouldn’t be fishing for that long anyway

it is an adventure game after all

It already is a huge hassle and this is highly reasonable as a simple 10 x 10 stud of water can’t just have 1000 large fish.

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man do i love realism over gameplay

fishing isn’t that complex of a mechanic anyway, it’s just supposed to be an activity to turn your brain off and pass the time

if people want to fish let them be, just because the game is an adventure game doesn’t mean you can just take away freedom from the player, why present a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist


Pretty pointless addition tbh also realism isn’t always a good thing.

you forgot the part where you explained why any of this is a good idea.

stop. dont. the fishing journal is already a pain in the ass to fill in. we dont need fish caps in freshwater bodies

The biggest issue with this suggestion is that it basically nerfs a grindy thing without giving anything positive in return. If you made it so different fish could be found in different areas and boosted the chances of things, it might not seem that bad. You basically nerfed small bodies of water for no reason.

If you directed this suggestion as a way to make the planned fishmonger profession fun then maybe it would be good. Fishing should be more dynamic and strategic, not just something to appeal to the Roblox trend of giving players a really rare thing to grind for in endgame, despite what the fishing journal grinders have to say (they’re basically NPC’s). This also has the positive side effect of being realistic, which is kind of important in a game btw. For now this suggestion is kind of a half assed nerf that doesn’t affect most players.

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me when i allready have bronze sea explorer …
I literally cannot do any more exploring for now

Just add more visible fish and murkier water.

This reminds me of the fishing limit in final fantasy xiv. It’s an extremely aggravating mechanic, especially when youre fishing for locally exclusive fish. Given how hard it is to catch rare fish and get master angler achievement, this is just a realism check thats gonna make our lives harder ingame.

I like the first half of the idea in theory, as the fishing spots would benefit from being reclassified into more specific categories (while still being split between warm and cold where applicable), but the idea of a fish limit is simply unhealthy for the game. Moving from pond to pond just because you ran out of fish would make the already tedious task of long-term fishing even more frustrating, and gatekeeping the sunkens behind exclusively the ocean (while it does make sense conceptually) would make fishing in anywhere BUT the ocean feel cheapened somewhat.

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92% sea exploration:

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