Revert chainmail persisting after turning off torso

Revert chainmail persisting after turning off torso
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Make base shirts replacing textures when turning off torso universal across all armors

Details/background on your proposal

(Include attachments, examples, and possible demonstrations of your idea as well here.)

Back in WoM, turning off torso for vanity would result in the armor’s base texture being replaced by your base shirt. While most armors in AO still do this, armors that include a chainmail texture, such as iron, steel, deluxe, and both sunken armors maintain the chainmail texture (as shown below).

I initially thought this was a bug until a week or two ago, when a bug including this got fixed, implying that the chainmail was intended

Seeing as it’s an intended feature, all I propose is that chainmail always be replaced by the base shirt when turning off torsos.

Reason to add/change

I think most people can agree that the chainmail doesn’t look good at all for any outfit, and reverting it to its WoM version could also re-add the level of customization lost with the feature.

tl;dr chainmail doesn’t look good, please just make torso off consistent across all armors

edit: I’ve previously suggested this alongside undershirts for torso off, but I mean hey if suggestions dont work out you gotta cut down on complexity to appeal to more people


the temptation to make several outfits where the chainmail works really well just to spite you

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How dare you. Chainmail looks good. Just add a toggle to hide undershirts of armors or something, I need Neviro’s chainmail-looking fit


Or just add a chainmail shirt and make removing torso remove chainmail.

Not everything needs a toggle


That’s actually a better idea

Wonder if there’s a technical reason why. Would really love to combine other shirts as well which are equips, because some would look cool with armor but can’t be worn with them at the same time.

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Isn’t Chainmail a shirt anyway? Why would that be any different from all the others?

Chainmail looks dogshit what kind of skooma are all of you on

Would look so much better with base shirts, but I think someone also suggested an “undershirt” feature when toggling arms on armors like these

also apply this to modifiers, i dont want to have modified shirt just cause the arms are

There is so much awesome armor, but the chainmail sucked it, so YES PLEASE.

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