Revert Dark Magic to have the original effect

Originally, Arcane Adventures had 7 Magics, one of them was the Darkness Magic, wich had an Unique Whiter Effect, the person affected by whiter would decay taking damage to, similar to fire damage or melting damage.
Right now, Darkness is one of the most useless magics in AO, It hasnothing special, it shares a Blinding effect with with Light, and they cancel the blind effect of echother, much different form arcane adventures, Please, Give us back the Whiter Effect, it was very cool

Oh wait I get to use the poem again lmao.
Welcome to the cult

Arise, the cosmos cries, come hail @ThatOneGuy,
The Prophet of the Apocalypse!
Endless days, running wild, a vision so true,
Our souls, no longer exiled.

He speaks of woe and fear but only brings us hope,
His uttered prophecies will show us the rope.
His stay is short yet his voice so clear,
Reflecting his thoughts of power so dear.

Time and space, they follow his lead,
As his words and deeds answer every need.
Come greet this one great man,
And honor his earth-shattering plan.


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crybabys shadow doesnt need buff thers gonna be alost magic that will be upgraded shadow that will have wither effect dumie kid boi u dont reailze if shadow get whither it gona break the game kid kid read

The fact it has nothing special is it’s unique quality. There is no statuses with it, no unique interactions. It is a loner magic with amazing stats. High speed, high damage, okay size. In WoM it was meta due to this. It can still be used really well. Hell I have a build in mind that can really only work with shadow (wind too ig but it doesn’t really benefit as much as shadow does but does offer more creativity points).


wash your cheeto covered fingers and then clean your mom’s crusty ipad before typing again, maybe it will solve how badly you spell words

bro is calling one of the best solo magics useless :moyai:

Shadow may not have many unique aspects or an interesting effect, but it doesn’t really need them since it’s already a good magic. It has really good stats, so adding a dot effect like wither on top that would make it too strong

Shadow is best used with a build with only 1 magic

I mean, it is but when I compare it to my metal mage slot, with the same gear, its just terrible

okay well first of all you’re a metal mage pre v1.12 of course shadow isn’t as good

I don’t mind nerfing the base damage, speed or Aoe, if we get a decay effect.

walter whiter

Jessy, we gonna cook

I think shadow’s in a good place though, there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken