Revon and Mirror Calvus

Hello, Hola! I’m a new artist in this community and this is my first post. I’ve played WoM but unfortunatley didnt play AA. I go by Pilas_comp. in discord and also Piaesek. Anyways, here’s my first drawing.


(This pic was done with a base from @109ddong)


I like how sharp your Calvus is. It really accentuates his status as the king of Ravenna.
Revon looked at the mirror wondering if he could even be as good of a ruler as Calvus. Calvus, with empty eyes, glances back at Revon. He’s telling Revon something but Revon couldn’t get it. Revon feels like he must be do something but he is now lost, dumbfounded about what just happened in Ravenna.
My only crux with this painting is Calvus crown, it looks a very unpleasant metallic headband instead of a proper crown. Other than that, this artwork looks amazing.


Thank you! I’ll keep the corwn thing in mind!

Calvus doesn’t want Revon to be like him, and he does care for his brother.

as bad as Calvus might’ve been, I believe he truly does want Revon to be more than him, to be someone who doesn’t have to do these kinds of things for Ravenna and everyone close to him

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Ngl it’s indeed kinda creepy imagine seeing your dead brother that you always looked for,and seeing him in your reflection beheaded😬

My fellow Calvus is a 3 dimensional truther speaks only fact

visualizing the man you want to become ( a fraud )

Jeez, I must have forgotten to look at things from the perspective of Calvus. I guess I don’t understand the AO story deep enough.