Revon deserves happiness

I say as I’m almost done with the rough draft of a comic where he goes through some arcane suffering

I speedran this drawing


Let the good times roll!

Last happy fanart of revon:

im gonna put him in a microwave


happy days

This feels like a JRPG anime scene I love it


Yayy! Some fluffy warm happy Revon here!
Now back to the angst

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Now we proceed back to our regularly scheduled suffering

Thank you : D

Princess Revon

im so excited for the comic hehehe the color choices here are incredible and help amplify the mood greatly

thank you im glad u like the colors

Ghostly's doodle thread - #20 by GhostlyScythe_37 here’s a lil sketch from the rough draft of the comic if u wanna see it
(Revon jumpscare)

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Give Revon the Phoenix Curse so I can post this if we beat him up again

Finally, a respite for this poor soul.

Hopefully he’ll join our Arcane Odyssey sooner or later, too; learning the truth of the Order, and wanting to better Ravenna.

Favourite silly sunflower man

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i hope he finds peace

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happy revon is always great :frcryin:

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no he doesnt im still killing him if i see him again

Yes, unfortunately happy Revon will not last

Alright Revon, you are too happy. I have to remind your brother is evil