Revon's had it rough man

Perhaps one of the somehow realistic things about having that big status. that some media forget or don’t care to touch on.

A parasocial relationship is a weird thing

So when we walked up to Calvus we just gave him a kiss on the cheek and tucked him into bed? Nah, I think we straight up mirked him.

man i cannot wait to ruin this man’s life even further

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We did murderise him, according to Iris’s dialogue

Imagine the MC and Morden ganging up on him if he becomes a curse user.

Okay Im feel bad for prince Revon now
and scared for life cuz he probably will 2x stronger than his brother :skull:

that would actually be sick, maybe after we defeat him there could be a cutscene of him unleashing a final attack that knocks us out and kills him. honestly that would be a cool end for any sacrifice user boss

Revon is AO’s true protagonist.

chaos was directly mentioned in the journal, but considering that “black and teal energy” describes death magic pretty well, it’s just confusing