Reworked High Jumps

Instead of having 3 high jumps available then a cooldown basically like Revali’s Gale, have it so you can only high jump once in the air before having to land specifically on ground before you’re able to use another (maybe even half a second cooldown once you land.) This is basically making high jumps a double jump. The intention to this to allow some air mobility without feeling so restrictive. It feels like an honest to god pain to wait the timer, but I still want to make sure you can’t spam high jumps.

This goes alongside how oceans will work. You shouldn’t be able to use high jumps to just stall easily in the air then land with full stamina, rinse and repeat and you can swim forever. With this change, you’re able to only use a high jump once before you need to get on a surface to recharge.

tl;dr High jumps are now a double jump and can only be regained once you land on the ground to prevent infinite swimming and less restriction overall.

I feel like having a straight cooldown for each individual high jump would be better in consideration of Hover spells.

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that could also work too, still make sure that you cant infinitely regen stamina at sea tho by just high jumping to regain stamina

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