Rimworld players, is my modlist too big?

Here is my modlist, non rimworld players can have a peek too i guess.

(dont mention mods #79 and #80)

why do you have these

dont talk about them please

What was War Crimes 1…? And why is there a sequel…

war crimes are so good that they make a sequel of them

funny list

for a game like RimWorld though i can’t imagine having more than like 2 significant gameplay mods, feel like the game just becomes an untraceable mess at some point. i usually just play with Royalty & Biotech and some QoL/small addition mods.

have also been told mods tend to have ridiculous balancing

Me with my 300+ skyrim mod list that I never used :moyai:

When you said this, I was expecting to find like anime girls mods or something.

only 2? If you enojy vanilla i respect you too, mods just add so much to the game. Vanilla expanded especially, you can have a modpack be VE only and i would still play it
And i love the ridiculous balance, my next colony is going to have the strongest colonists in modded and op shit like tanks and bombers

skyrim flashbacks


Not enought. Get like twice of that and we can talk