RIP MC Majors aaa

They were thanosed off the trello.

Doesn’t mean they won’t be added later though (not like we can compete with them anyway)

Doesn’t really make sense why they were being added tbh. Yeah captains AIs can be evaded and stuff, but they follow you everywhere and deal a ton of damage, so imagine a Major. I feel like they would’ve been added too early in the game anyways.

Agreed, their planned minimum level was 2500! imagine trying to cheese that

WHAT- That’s so high-

Majors Scary

oh :grin: that would be way too early to add them now

Aw fuck man, I was gonna try to get one to end a gank but not today…

they would literally obliterate you

deep down we all know they would be farmed

would’ve but one hit and dead, they’re like level 2.5k+

I wanted to see people try to solo them :angry: