Rizz Lord Elius, The Valentine

Happy Valentines Day Fellas, here’s a Rizz Lord Elius for your time being. This was done in a day because I lowkey forgot about Valentine’s Day until the last second because AO is just my main focus and drive rn. Though this is a lesson to NOT draw anyone with complicated armor design like Elius and Verdies in a time crunch.

Now my question is, does this make you wanna kill Elius more or not?

Does this make you wanna kill Elius more or not
  • Guaranteed Killing Him
  • Refused To Kill Him

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Extra Stuff

Morden wearing Theos’ Armor and Apotheosis

My Grand Fire Curse Users redrawn, Left to Right are Morock Creed, Agni Ren, Colt, Zephyr Reese, and Torren Corvus Cross

Fun Fact - My 2021 Valentine Piece of Sage is still my most liked topic


Common EtherealR W


He’s a rizzard.


Holy fuck he’s hot.

Must agree.



Get Vetex to make this the thumbnail for the upcoming Arcane Odyssey Sex Update (he’s cutting the dark sea and lost spells for the much more important stuff)

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shockingly good rizz :eyes:

Lord Rizzius :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

the type of person who would quickly agitate Blassadahl

I crave bloodshed

Genocide route


Safe to say the Ravenna Rizz didn’t save him from getting killed

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:skull: get out of my gramar