Robin's fun facts #2

  • Maple syrup is very good when frozen on a stick.
  • Homophobes do not deserve to be treated with kindness
  • I am very proficient with sharp objects
  • Cereal might be a soup, or it might not be, I don’t know
  • AO is gonna come out in 2077
  • I have died numerous times. However, both God and Satan reject me at the gates of hell and heaven, so I wake up back on earth every time.
  • Wood magic should have a doomwood variant, and you can’t change my mind
  • Dozens of bodies were found in Benjamin Franklin’s basement
  • The story “Robin Hood” was petitioned to be banned in American schools, because it promoted communism
  • The writing of Crimson Storm was so messy and rushed that I cringe when I think about it
  • Water is very hydrating
  • Beaver tail is quite tasty
  • Cannabis is perfectly legal for recreational purposes in Canada
  • AR’s new update introduced the hardest part of any AA game that I’ve ever experienced. It was so bullshit that I stopped playing the game altogether
  • I wrote an entire series without knowing how to get the writer role
  • Crystal magic would be cooler of we could shoot needles made out of crystal

In 2077, what makes someone a criminal

getting caught.

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I mean, considering how you even started it, it does make sense

pain… agony even





idk what to tell you man, it is.

Getting Cock

“Samurai, I need you to jack me off.”

“You mean jack in?”


I once again appear to be out of likes

its a dessert