Roblox 277 error happens randomly (CAN'T FIX)

I am sure it’s not just me having this issue…
My game randomly freezes, my ping stops all while I still can move my character, after around a minute I get the 277 error, It happens so frequently, especially in the dark sea, I can’t play the game without worrying of losing progress, it’s only happening while I play AO.

These are my specs and all things I tried so far -

  1. my ethernet speed is 800mbps
  2. I have both wifi and ethernet cable that is connected directly to my router
  3. Roblox ports opened in the windows firewall
  4. I contacted my provider who said the connection it good.
  5. Deleted cache in the control prompt
  6. Reinstalled Roblox
  7. Replaced my ethernet cable to a cable with CAT speed (it’s 10 meters long)
  8. Updated GPU and windows drivers
  9. Optimized the Nvidia control panel to focus on performance.
  10. I have 2040 nvidia geforce, 32gb ram, monitor limited to 60 fps

Please anyone having this issue share your issue and / or what you did to fix it, thanks.

Theres not really a fix to this I experience the same issue pretty much roblox wide, which more emphasized when I play performance intensive games (like ao), I’m P sure the issue is just due to roblox having shit servers and you might dc a lot if the closest server to you is thousands of kilometers away (like myself)

I know this is the case because on other games I could play through wifi for hours in a single session and not notice even 1 ping spike (as well as about 3x lower average ping than on roblox), but then even when I bust out an ethernet cable for roblox my ping fluctuates like hell and still I dc loads

I always got the 277 error before I did the Ipconfig /flushdns command everytime I play AO, and I make sure my CPU isn’t overloaded (task manager, I disable steam for this since it clutters) as well as using CCleaner, maybe do that? It worked for me.

Also It might not work for the first few times it’s not an instant fix, maybe do this for a couple of days or so, that was how it went for me since I had no other option to fix it at that point.

I see, I will still look for a solution, I also contacted Roblox hopefully they will be able to do something.

I also optimised my windows icon to focus on performance it reduced its frequency but it still happens quite a lot

I use high performance even though my computer is garbage at keeping CPU usage but this wasn’t the cause for my past constant disconnection on error 277 in AO, so performance is probably not the one causing it.

It’s either just Roblox (which I assume it is at this point) or something with your registry edit? Don’t take my word for that though.

I had issue which caused me to not being able to open Roblox, I tried everything, but nothing worked. To solve it, I just reinstalled computer’s system.

Thank you for replying, did you encounter the issue I described though? If yes can you please share a link to a video describing how to solve this.

No, my issue was Roblox not opening at all. But if you are reaaally cannot find solution and want to play veryyy much, then you can just reinstall system, which is pretty long process and will also clear all apps from your computer. Uh… I would say its like resetting phone to factory settings.

But its will solve any problem with settings, viruses or corrupted files + errors. Cuz all of that will be resetted during process.

After I uninstalled Roblox I noticed the Roblox folder wasn’t deleted, so I had to manually delete that folder, I will recheck if there are more hidden Roblox related apps that stayed after Roblox is removed, those might be corrupted like you said.