Roblox Bug, Please Help

Guys, im having this issue at the moment where whenever I close out of Roblox, my audio from what I was playing still persists. Whenever I open a new Roblox game, both audios play for a bit, until after a certain amount of time, a pop-op saying “Roblox unexpectedly crashed” appears, and the bugged audio stops.
This happpens everytime I close Roblox now, and im not sure why.
Apparently, in games, my Avatar actually persists after I leave for way longer than it should as well.
This started 2 days ago, and has not stopped

It persists for like 20 minutes btw

This has been happening to me and the only “fix” I’ve found is to open task manager and press end task on all the remaining Roblox instances that I see after I close the game


For me, the problem kinda just fixes itself.
Whenever I close Roblox, the audio plays for a little, persisting from either about 3 seconds or an entire minute if I’m unlucky, then it stops.

I have not tried using an alt yet to see if my avatar persists for a little, however Roblox sometimes gives me the “same account launched on different device” error whenever I try to join a game, which either appears once then does not appear on a 2nd rejoin (even the fandom wiki says it), or my account got compromised due to a second DC of the same type and I immediately rush to change my password as quick as I can. That can give a good pin as to how long my avatar persists.

If you need to fix it, just do what Ardstro said, open task manager and kill off any Roblox-related tasks still running, might as well just pin it to your taskbar at this point.

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Thank you, very cool

We all have this issue, I’ve had it since 2018

Bruh this has been an issue for me for a while sometimes i will straight up force the game to close via task manager the the audio will still persist for like 20 seconds that shit refuses to die

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Thank goodness I’m not the only one with this issue but the way I get it solved is to end task on anything that says Roblox in task manager

I have a batch file on my desktop to task kill roblox because of this issue

Whats a Batch File?

Command prompt script in a file

batch files are basically apps that use notepad as a coding language, and is usually for activating various command prompt stuff very quickly. file suffix is “.bat”

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Oh, neat
Could you send me the one you use?

either shut it down with task manager or just leave without alt f4’ing and pray that it works

cant upload .bat files directly so here’s a link to it


my firewall wont let me do anything with it

you could just make it yourself

ok ok, thanks.
Does it work automatically, or do i have to turn it on everytime