Roblox Crash Copypasta Collection

this post is now a collection of roblox maintenance copypasta. post any that you find in here

Actually, let’s respect engineers. At least they are trying to fix it

Isn’t it their fault it broke down in the first place?

Yeah, you’re right, but we still must respect that they’re not only poo in their pants, but trying to fix site. Say “thanks” them just for making Roblox and not saying “I’m tired I won’t fix it”

I know nobody asked but… Time to cry a bit.

this is a copypasta collection, not a meme dump chief

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Look at optional tags

And it’s not really a meme

Actually just found out about this shit an hour ago because school, but LOL
ABA crackheads might have to touch grass now

nah i dnc that much,
also it’s their job

Hour 21 without World of Magic. It is difficult. Never once have I been away from the Arcane Adventures sequel game since it released. I hear a faint knocking on my apartment door. “Hello, is anyone in there? Ethan Collins?” The voice asks. “Uhh yea…” I nervously speak. “Package for… Ethan Collins?” He asks. “Hm… that’s not correct.” I exclaim. “My name is Amir Calding.” 20 seconds go by… Then complete silence. I walk to the door, grab my package, but notice something strange. It appears as if a guild member has just walked past my door. Hungry for infamy, I run up to him and shouted “Lightning Storm” but clearly I did not have magic energy charged as nothing came out. The member, frightened by my presence, ran away and likely logged from the server. Soon after, a man claiming to be apart of a guild called “Security” arrived ordering me to stop. I assume he’s one of those peacekeepers. “You fool,” I say. “You’re no match for me, Amir Calding.”

stole it from geo

It’s been 20 hours without Roblox, I can’t stop shaking and I’m having severe withdrawals. I woke up today trying to log onto Roblox but the site was down, I had a major panic attack but managed to calm down after a few hours. I couldn’t go to school today, and I can barely get out of my bed to do anything. I’m sick to my stomach at this point, life is worthless.

It’s been 24 hours without GPO… I don’t think I’ll live to see UPD 4.5. I’ve been trying to Rokushiki dash to my classes. Stealing Devil Fruits I find in the cafeteria even when people tell me they’re “just bananas”. I tried to impale my teacher and gripped a kid I saw in the gym for bounty. Soon as he got gripped, I see marines are coming to my location. I don’t know what to do anymore. My hands and fingers are twitching without using my 50 dmg m1’s. I’m keep hallucinating. My principal looks like Captain Zhen and I could’ve sworn this girl had her weave built like a kraken. Speaking of krakens, I hear the ocean every time I go into the hallways, and become anxious I might get picked up and flung. I need Roblox back, ASAP. Eventually my ticks of randomly saying “there’s a Suna user on me” will become outbursts. I began to replicate m1s with my pencil…. I don’t know how many I may slay. Phoeyu… I need GPO. My life is going numb, by the absence of this game. I cant sleep. I wake up to the noise of devil fruit notifiers yet GPO is not open… My mind is playing tricks on me. I cant go for much longer. I need GPO. My life is not the same without it. It’s been too long. It feels like years, I can already feel my number going numb, by the absence of this game. I can’t go on for much longer. I’ve murdered my family for exp. I’ve farmed several devilfruits laying on floor. My eyes are bleeding. I can’t hold it in anymore. This world has truly become hell. My blood circulation stopped, and I think my heart is starting to beat slower. Endless Pain. I- I - I…

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Durza and the Peacekeeper decided to team up and fuck over the Roblox servers in revenge for fucking over AA

New copypasta:

Ah crap, I forgot to cut photo, now everyone know that my native language is Russian… Help

isn’t that the same thing?

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